Alkoomi Collection

Posted on November 02 2021, By: Laura Penniment

Alkoomi Collection

Our family has been farming grapes in Frankland River for 50 years.

Over these years, we have built so much more than just prime vineyards and a premium wine brand. We have built a family legacy, a community, and a culture that brings the best things in life together.

Each vintage we have crafted wines that capture a moment in time, create conversation, and make special memories. We love our home and we are proud to be recognised as an icon of the Great Southern Wine Region.

Our emblem the 'Xanthorrhoea' Grass Tree was chosen by Merv and Judy in 1975 because it was symbolic of the local bushland and in particular very prevalent throughout our property.

It has evolved a lot over the years but remains a timeless icon to Alkoomi and has graced the label of many bottles that have been the center of dinner tables over the generations.

We are excited to introduce you to our refined and reinvigorated 'Alkoomi Collection' (Formerly 'Alkoomi Black Label'). This label contains the same beautiful wines you know and love, in a new look ready to grace your tables for another 50 years.

We hope you enjoy...