Unveiling Cultivated Collection: The most prime and pure reflection of the 'place we chose'

Posted on August 02 2023, By: Laura Penniment

Unveiling Cultivated Collection: The most prime and pure reflection of the 'place we chose'

Greetings from the heart of Frankland River!

In our corner of Western Australia, our family at Alkoomi Wines has been pouring love, skill, and dedication into the craft of winemaking for over 50 years. We believe our wines are more than just an expression of the unique landscape nestled amidst ironstone gravel and sandy loam soils. Each bottle we produce is a chapter of our  family story, a testament to our rich heritage, and an ode to the art of authentic, terroir-driven winemaking.

We're thrilled to share our latest creation with you: Cultivated Collection. This selection represents our most exceptional, highest quality wines to date. The idea behind this collection was to create wines of such calibre and significance that they would be cherished, stored, and brought out to mark life's special milestones.

The Cultivated Collection currently comprises of two unique wines - the 2021 Riesling and the 2020 Shiraz. Each of these wines encapsulates the character of our oldest vines and richest soils, giving them an exquisite depth and complexity.

The 2021 Riesling is a pure expression of a single block of our most historic vines, planted back in 1971. Handpicked and pressed gently to capture the highest quality free-run juice, this wine spent time on yeast lees to enhance its structure and complexity. With its refreshing taste and subtle hints of citrus and minerality, our Riesling is a true homage to the unique Frankland River terroir.

Next in our collection is the 2020 Shiraz. This luxurious red wine springs from a small volume of carefully selected premium fruit from our oldest Shiraz vines, also planted in 1971. It underwent traditional fermentation, with the skins hand plunged three times daily to maximise flavour extraction. The wine also underwent malolactic fermentation in barrels, followed by an 18-month maturation period in new French oak barrels to refine its character and lend it a rich, velvety texture.

This collection is crafted with utmost precision and care, and with only 100 cases of each vintage made, once sold out, these vintages won't be reproduced. It is indeed a limited edition range we're incredibly proud to share with you.

At Alkoomi, we take great pride in our sustainable practices. With this in mind, each bottle in the Cultivated Collection is sealed with a Vinolok glass stopper. Not only does it help preserve the wine's taste, but it is also reusable and entirely recyclable, reaffirming our deep commitment to sustainability.

So, who is the Cultivated Collection for? We believe this collection is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life, those who enjoy luxury, but also value authenticity. If you are someone who loves fine wines, and perhaps even collects them, then the Cultivated Collection is tailored just for you. It is the perfect gift to commemorate significant milestones like a wedding, a graduation, a new home, or even a significant business deal.

Our Cultivated Collection is a celebration of our rich history, our deep connection with nature, and our distinctive style. It's a testament to our commitment to bringing you the best of the 'place we chose' – the unique and breathtaking Frankland River.

To discover more about our Cultivated Collection, or to purchase these unique wines, please visit our Cultivated Collection page.

From our family dinner table to yours, we hope you enjoy these wines with wholesome food, laughter, and loved ones, creating precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Cheers from the Alkoomi family.