Our practices

are build on our traditions with an innovative and sustainable approach.


Our viticulture practices build on our traditions with an innovative and sustainable approach. We are always adapting and adjusting our techniques, technology, and equipment to be as low impact and environmentally friendly as possible. We are able to achieve this through...

Cover crops to add nutrients to the soil, reduce soil compaction and provide a habitat for beneficial bugs.

Composting the spent grape marc from the winery with sheep manure, cover crop clippings and other organic material from around the farm are then redistributed to the vines during the growing season to provide natural nutrients and maintain constant soil temperatures to reduce environmental factors and increased water retention.

Guinea fowl and sheep are present throughout the farm for organic pest control, fertilization, and regenerative grazing.
Natural solutions are used to replace harmful chemicals to allow the healthy microbiome to thrive.

Solar-powered irrigation is strategically used alongside careful canopy management to achieve vine balance, and in turn fruit quality.


The dedication and experience of our winemaking staff is essential to the connection between the wines and the vineyards. Making our collection of wines starts in the vineyard to achieve ideal fruit quality and balance.

The grapes are gently machine harvested in the cool of the night, allowing optimal and selective picking temperatures.
We press the grapes delicately to capture the best quality free-run juice.

Our winemaking practices aim to be creative and minimalistic to respect the fruit quality and preserve the characteristics specific to the Frankland River Region.

All Alkoomi wines are vegan-friendly and holistic towards managing, supporting, and promoting sustainability.

We recycle and reuse as much as possible throughout the production process, along with an established solar energy source. Reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our efficiency.

Our Approach

Frankland River is the most isolated wine-growing region in Western Australia and one of the best-kept secrets of the Great Southern. It is a perfectly isolated place with the most scenic landscapes, pristine environment, and ideal climate for creating stunning wines that express this special place. Frankland River Riesling and Shiraz are delicate, expressive and age worthy cool climate wines that are world-class.

 ELEVATION  |  200-300m above sea level

TOPOGRAPHY   |   rolling hills + largest water body in the great southern region.

CLIMATE   |   cool climate. warm days with long sunlight hours. cool nights due to the moderating sea breeze in the evenings.

TEMPERATURE   |   average max - 21.1 degrees + average min - 9.4 degrees

RAINFALL   |   low rainfall - 602.4ml mean average. 

SOIL   |   ironstone gravels and sandy loam mineral-rich soil.