Sandy Hallett

Owner + Director

Sandy is the essence of this winery. Born in this very property Sandy can tell the story like no one else. From humble beginnings to front runner, from a shed and a dream to a leading company, from the first light until late at night waiting for Rod to have “Just one more beer” with a good mate. Sandy worked her way up through the ranks to become our “big cheese” in 2010. Today from the top job she is a living example of what a family run business should be. She calls the shots and keep us always heading north. For us there is no such thing as ‘google it’…we ask Sandy. She is the custodian of our spirit and responsible for our message to survive the test of time. Next time you visit cellar door and with a bit of luck, Sandy might be behind the bar, ask her how this all began.

Rod Hallett

Owner + General Manager

Meet Rod; husband, dad, vineyard whisperer, all things broken wizard and “where is my phone” world champion. In the early 90’s Rod traded the world for embracing farm life alongside Sandy. Since then, our resident hero has been instrumental to shaping Alkoomi into the place it is today, a stronghold of good farming and ethical business where a good handshake is still our preferred currency. “Houston! Houston! We have a problem!” next thing you will see is our own MacGyver coming at speed. A few zip ties, samurai-like multi tool skills and we are back up and running again. For many years Rod played our fullback position keeping our scoreboard safe from the defensive line. Today with the new generation joining in, he is enjoying the game from the sideline as our head coach, and the team is looking good!

Marelize Russouw


Born and bred farming in South Africa's Western Cape, Marelize completed her Bachelor of Science m. Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosh University before taking on the world in New Zealand, California, Australia and recently France. Marelize is our resident wicket keeper, she always remembers and always takes notes. She never misplaces paperwork and always has a spare pen handy (or measuring tape...or chainsaw... or tractor) Marelize is today keeping our winemaking production functioning like a swiss clock, so we can all have a few beers on time!

Tim Penniment

Vineyard Manager 

Tim officially joined the family in 2019. Coming from a family of passionate wine drinkers, he also had a passion for wine and decided to study a Bachelor of Oenology at Curtin University in Margaret River in 2014. This is when Tim met Laura and not only fell in love with his future wife but also with Alkoomi – the people, place, the wines and the lifestyle. Tim loved adventuring around the world and working in the beautiful wine regions but he is happiest being home in the hills of Frankland River. Tim is Rod’s right-hand man and has a passion for creating sustainable practices.

Marco Pinares

Bottling Manager + Winemaker

With more than 16 years experience in the wine industry, predominantly as a winemaker, Marco has traveled all over the world. A background in broadacre farming is what lead Marco to study Agronomy, where he accidentally fell into winemaking and developed a passion that continues to this day. Marco joined Alkoomi in 2018, embarking on a new challenge as our Bottling and Warehouse Manager and Winemaker. Marco had already adopted Australia as his country and chose the sanctuary of Frankland River as his home. 

Laura Penniment

Marketing + Logistics

Laura is the eldest of Sandy and Rod’s three daughters. From a young age Laura has always had an appreciation and fascination with wine. She has spent many vintages helping in the winery and vineyard growing up and dreamt of one day walking in the footsteps of her family. In 2014 Laura began a Bachelor of Oenology at Curtin University in Margaret River. This is where she met her now husband Tim. Today Laura and Sandy work closely together behind the scenes of the business and brand, style, or even provide a review.

Chris Coffey

Export Coordinator

Chris has been working with Alkoomi for 9 years coordinating with international distribution companies and Alkoomi to enable overseas sales. Chris has been working in the wine industry with Rod for many years as a vineyard supervisor and has extensive knowledge of all areas of the wine industry. Chris has developed some incredible relationships over her time at Alkoomi with many international clients. She also makes the most amazing cakes for morning tea.

Our Team

Cellar Door + Admin + Seasonal Staff

Our Alkoomi family is forever evolving with the seasons and demands of the industry. Each and everyone of our employees is extremely valuable to our business and little Alkoomi community.

We also cannot forget our wine dogs, they fill our days with smiles and puppy cuddles.