Elevate Your Good Friday Seafood Feast With These Perfect Pairings.

Posted on April 06 2023, By: Laura Penniment

Elevate Your Good Friday Seafood Feast With These Perfect Pairings.

Good Friday is all about kicking back, celebrating, and sharing mouth-watering seafood feasts with the ones you love. To make this day extra delicious, we've handpicked four of our favourite Alkoomi wines, each ready to party and perfectly paired to elevate any seafood dish. Get ready to discover some fabulous pairings and create unforgettable memories with friends and family around a table filled with laughter and delicious food.

2022 Alkoomi Collection Chardonnay - $32

The Elegant Entertainer

With its pink grapefruit zest, fresh ginger, and cinnamon aroma, the 2022 Alkoomi Chardonnay is a true crowd-pleaser. Its rockmelon, nectarine, and nutty flavours, combined with a creamy texture and bright lingering acidity, make it the perfect companion for fresh-caught marron drizzled in a butter garlic jus. Indulge in this delicious drop while basking in the afternoon sun with grilled prawns, good friends and Fleetwood Mac on repeat. 

2022 Grazing Collection Riesling - $21

Perfect if you like a little bit of spice 

Like to walk on the spicy side of life? Then you'll love our Grazing Collection Riesling. With tantalising aromas of citrus blossom, sweet citrus fruits, and mandarin it will have you reaching for a glass during any long lunch. Its honey, lemon biscuit, and lemon sorbet freshness, the wine's flavours balance the spiciness of your seafood dish with spicy Pair with chilli prawns or a dozen fresh oysters to kick off Good Friday feasting. 

2016 Icon Wandoo Semillon - $40

The Sophisticated Soiree

For a touch of sophistication, reach for the 2016 Icon Wandoo Semillon. Its lemon curd and cut hay aromas, complemented by hints of vanilla bean, make it an excellent match for elegant seafood dishes. The intense lemon curd, toasty savoury spice, marmalade hints, and bright flinty acidity of this wine will beautifully enhance the flavours of a delicate crab risotto or a seared scallop entrée.

2022 Grazing Collection Semillon Sauvignon Blanc - $21

The Vibrant Beachside Buddy

No Good Friday seafood feast would be complete without the lively and refreshing 2022 Grazing Collection Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. Its grapefruit, pear, and lychee aromas give way to a palate of lemonade, zesty lime, apricot, and zingy freshness. This wine is the ultimate companion for a laid-back beachside gathering, enjoyed with classic fish and chips or a casual barbeque with friends on the back verandah.

This Good Friday, surround yourself with good friends, great seafood dishes, and these remarkable Alkoomi wines to create a memorable and delicious celebration. Whether you're an elegant entertainer, a sunshine sipper, a sophisticated soiree-goer, or in need of a a vibrant beachside buddy, there's a wine perfectly suited to elevate your Good Friday seafood feast.

Cheers to a fantastic day filled with joy, laughter, with the ones you love!