Welcome to Alkoomi

We are Sandy and Rod Hallett, together we work with our devoted team, who are like family along with our daughters Laura, Emily, and Molly to run our third generation family winery.

Alkoomi is our heart, our home, and our passion. Our 1200-hectare farm has been home to our family since 1946 and has evolved from a grain and livestock farm to a thriving and sustainable vineyard and innovative winery.

We believe wine is about celebration and sharing. Our collection of wines are made to suit all occasions, bring people together, build a sense of community, and create conversation and lasting memories.

It is our passion and mission to continue the Alkoomi tradition and legacy of making authentic and delicious wines that reflect the pristine Frankland River region.

From our family dinner table to yours, we encourage you to enjoy these wines with wholesome food, lots of laughter and the ones you love. 

-  Sandy + Rod Hallett

'a place we chose'

Our History

Our family has been farming grapes in Frankland River for 50 years. Over these years, we have built so much more than just prime vineyards and a premium wine brand. We have built a family legacy, a community, and a culture that brings the best things in life together. Each vintage we have crafted wines that capture a moment in time, create conversation, and make special memories. We love our home and we are proud to be recognised as an icon of the Frankland River Wine Region.

We have come a long way from our original 1220 hectare farm, purchased in 1946 by Sandy's Grandparents – Vic and Netta. It was grandma Netta who chose the name "Alkoomi" for their rugged property and home – a word meaning "a place we chose" thought to be derived from a local Indigenous language.

Initially operating as a mixed grain and livestock farm it wasn’t until 1971 that Sandy’s parents Merv and Judy made the bold venture to plant just one hectare each of Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, and a little Shiraz and Malbec – the foundations of what has today become a thriving family business from all of the hard work and dedication the family have provided over the years.

In the last 11 years of ownership we have seen many changes, celebrated many successes and overcome the hard and trying times of agriculture and the wine industry. None of which we could have done without our amazing and committed team who are like family to us and the supportive community of Frankland River. We are so grateful for our foundations and proud to continue our family legacy, with the help of our oldest daughter Laura and her husband Tim. Who have committed to follow in the family footsteps and bring their passion and knowledge to ensure the future and evolution of Alkoomi and continue the journey started by Merv and Judy all those years ago.

“Our collection of wines are made to bring people together, to build a sense of community and to create conversation and lasting memories. From our family dinner table to yours, we encourage you to enjoy these wines with wholesome food, lots of laughter and the ones you love.”