The Pickled Wife - Pickled Limes

  • Product Info

     A punchy Mediterranean pickle with many flavour profiles from the zestiness of the lime, to a gentle kick of chilli and those peppery hits. Followed by a good balance of sweet + sour, with a sharp tartness that'll have this unique pickle leaving you wanting to experiment more with these vibrant exotic flavour combinations. The food pairing possibilities are endless for the adventurous cook in your home and lovers of curries.

    100% natural - free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavours. Gluten free. Locally sourced spray + pesticide free produce. Locally sourced ingredients. Vegan + Vegetarian + Paleo + Keto friendly.

    DIG IN & TRY:

    • Beautiful paired with seafoods

    • Perfect to add into cocktails for a little extra zesty kick. We love these in our Gin & Tonic over summer.

    • Tasty with lamb

    • A wonderful condiment with curries or tagines

    • Lovely added into various grain dishes

    • Mix through natural yoghurt as a side dish with Middle Eastern cuisines