Grazing Collection Late Harvest | 2023

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    2 0 2 3  L A T E   H A R V E S T


    |   A R O M A   |   

    dried pineapple + citrus blossom


    |   F L A V O U R   | 

    candied orange + lemon rind + star fruit


    |   W E A T H E R   |

    dry winter + very cold spring + warm summer days + slow ripening + controlled irrigation + late autumn harvest + healthy + plush canopies


    |   W I N E M A K I N G   |

    estate grown fruit + early morning harvest + stainless steel ferment + preservation of fruit freshness + delicacy 


    |   O C C A S I O N   |

    'Eating your spicy Asian fusion takeout'.

    'Those really hot summer days, with a handful of ice and a wedge of lime'.

    'By the glass at your local pub'.

    'With good food and good company'.