Grazing Collection Shiraz | 2022

  • Product Info

    2 0 2 2    S H I R A Z


    |   A R O M A   |   

    black forest cake + dark chocolate + cocoa dust


    |   F L A V O U R   | 

    cool climate + red varietal + mulberries


    |   W E A T H E R   |

    incredibly dry winter + scattered spring showers + long hot summer days + cool summer nights + slow ripening + late autumn harvest + vibrant + luscious canopies


    |   W I N E M A K I N G   |

    estate grown fruit + early morning harvest + cold soak + stainless steel ferment + individual blocks + 12 months french oak 


    |   O C C A S I O N   |

    'The perfect wine for a sausage sizzle with friends and family'.

    'When you have a great day and you just want to celebrate with a good glass of red'.

    'Relaxing by the fire with a good book and a glass of wine'.

    'Those spontaneous evening drinks with friends'.