2016 Museum Release Offer

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    Warm up your winter with our exclusive 2016 Museum Release Mixed 6 bottle and 12 bottle offer. This limited-time offer features a hand-picked selection of our most treasured 2016 vintages, not available for purchase anywhere else. Until the end of the month, we're releasing a selection of our best wines from our 2016 museum collection available for purchase in a mixed 6 or 12 bottle pack.

    2016 Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon (RRP $30) 

    Rich, full-bodied, and perfect for chilly evenings.

    2016 Black Label Shiraz Viognier (RRP $30)

    A harmonious blend of spice and fruit, offering a delightful winter respite.

    2016 Melaleuca Riesling (RRP $40)a

    A Great Southern treasure, refined with citrus zest and hints of musk.

    These exceptional wines have been aging gracefully in our museum cellar, developing remarkable depth and complexity. As a valued member of our wine community, this is your rare chance to experience these 2016 gems.

    Treat yourself or surprise a fellow wine lover:

    The 2016 Museum Release Mixed 6-Pack for $200
    The 2016 Museum Release Mixed 12-Pack for $359

    We'll happily arrange shipping directly to your door or have your pack ready for pickup at our Albany cellar door.

    From our vineyard to your home, these extraordinary wines are here to bring warmth and delight to your winter days. Thanks for being part of the Alkoomi Wines family!