Grazing Collection Semillon Sauvignon Blanc | 2021

  • Product Info

    2 0 2 1   S E M I L L O N   S A U V I G N O N   B L A N C


    |   A R O M A   |   

    passionfruit + fresh cut grass + sugar snap peas


    |   F L A V O U R   | 

    passionfruit + fresh tropical pineapple + grassy freshness vibrant + mineral acidity


    |   W E A T H E R   |

    unusually dry winter + scattered spring showers + warm summer days + cool summer nights + steady ripening + autumn harvest + vibrant + luscious canopies


    |   W I N E M A K I N G   |

    estate grown fruit + early morning harvest + stainless steel ferment + preservation of fruit freshness + delicacy  


    |   O C C A S I O N   |

    'Sitting in the afternoon sunshine on the back verandah'.

    'A barbeque at the park with a group of mates'.

    'A glass with your fish and chips on the beach'.

    'Those spontaneous evening drinks with friends'.