Grazing Collection Rose | 2021

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    2 0 2 1   R O S E 


    |   A R O M A   |   

    pink grapefruit + spice + vanilla 


    |   F L A V O U R   | 

    wild strawberries + pomegranate textural mouthfeel refreshing acidity


    |   W E A T H E R   |

    unsually dry winter + scattered spring showers + warm summer days + cool summer nights + steady ripening + autumn harvest + vibrant + luscious canopies


    |   W I N E M A K I N G   |

    estate grown fruit + early morning harvest + stainless steel ferment + preservation of fruit freshness + delicacy


    |   O C C A S I O N   |

    'Relaxing under an umbrella at the beach". 

    'A charcuterie board with many cured meats and cheeses'. 

    'When lunch turns into dinner with your closest friends'. 

    'Every time the sun is shining with the warm rays on your skin'. 


Open Daily 10am – 4:30pm


Mon to Sat 11am – 5pm

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