Alkoomi Collection Shiraz | 2020

  • Product Info

    2 0 2 0   S H I R A Z


    |   A R O M A   |   

    violets + black cherries + peppery spices


    |   F L A V O U R   | 

    blackberries + cherries + milk chocolate + red fruits + savoury tannin + pepper notes juicy + bright finish 


    |   W E A T H E R   |

    classic cool climate + ample rainfall + cold temperatures + sunny + dry autumn + slow even ripening + low sugars  


    |   W I N E M A K I N G   |

    estate grown fruit + early morning harvest + co-fermented with viognier + 14 months new french oak + hand selected parcels 


    |   O C C A S I O N   |

    'When you need a glass of red wine but you are unsure of which one to choose'.

    'When your friends pop in for an afternoon cup of tea, but really what they want is a glass of wine'.

    'A wine for food, particularly a flame-grilled steak with blue cheese butter'.