Alkoomi Vinyard

the vineyard

In 1956 Dr Harold Olmo, the renowned Californian viticulturalist, had highly recommended the Frankland region for the planting of vines and the legendary West Australian winemaker, Jack Mann, had concurred. Dr Olmo had identified that the climate and deep, well-drained soils (gravelly loams) were similar to those of Bordeaux in France. The long, cool ripening conditions were perfect for the production of grapes of intense varietal character.

With this in mind, Alkoomi's initial planting in 1971 of just one hectare under vine has been successfully transformed into 105 hectares (259 acres) of estate vineyard. The ethos of Alkoomi’s vineyard management has always been to favour quality over quantity, and to manage the property in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The wall-to-wall grass policy, using select clover and rye grass between rows and under vines, has a three-pronged outcome. These plantings naturally outcompete weeds, sustainably manage soil microbiology and improve water retention by mulching.

Alkoomi also produces high quality Olive Oil from 14 hectares of premium estate grown Olives. The Oil can be purchased from both Cellar Doors or online through our website.

Olive Trees The Vineyard The vineyard in Autumn before pruning