The Alkoomi team

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Owner: Sandy Hallett

Having been born and raised on the Alkoomi property, Sandy Hallett is the heart and soul of this family company. She has been involved with her family's business since 1994, but it wasn’t until 2010 that she, together with her husband Rod, took on the considerable task of overseeing the general running of Alkoomi.

A standard day for Sandy involves being Alkoomi’s function coordinator, payroll officer, in-house chef and CEO, as well as continuing to build on the legacy created by her parents, Merv and Judy.

Owner/Vineyard Manager: Rod Hallett

Rod Hallett initially joined the Alkoomi team in 1994, just as the Australian wine industry began its heady ascent, with an increase in the export market becoming a fundamental part of Alkoomi's business. Rod has been an integral part of the growth in this family-run company, from winery extensions through to planting new vines in the vineyard.

In 2005, Rod used his expertise to assist in the establishment of several other vineyards within the Frankland River region and beyond, before taking over as Alkoomi’s owner and vineyard manager in 2010.

Alkoomi Wines - the Halett Family
Sandy and Rod Hallett Andrew Cherry

Chief Winemaker: Andrew Cherry

Andrew Cherry had a degree in chemistry from the University of Western Australia, but it wasn't until he was working in a Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of London, that he had his epiphany. His long-term devotion to chemistry plus his new found affection for wine could lead to only one thing – winemaking.

He promptly completed his oenology post-grad at the University of Adelaide before setting out for a vintage in Beaujolais. He then worked for several years in the beautiful Clare Valley, with another overseas vintage in Tuscany, before joining Alkoomi in 2008. He took on the role as senior winemaker in 2010, when Sandy and Rod Hallett became Alkoomi’s proprietors.